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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Party-Bread "Egg Salad"

Party-Bread "Egg Salad"
(this just arrived in my e-mail!)

~6-Hard-boiled Eggs (Chopped coarsely)[personally, I would mash the eggs, to make the finished product more spreadable!]
~2 Tblsp.-Kraft Olive Oil Mayonaise®
~1 Tblsp.-French's Dijon Mustard®
~1 Tsp.-Kraft Horseradish®
~1 Tsp.-Tumeric (Ground)
~1 & 1/2 Tblsp.-Sweet Pickle Relish
~1 Tblsp.-Pimientos
~1 Tblsp.-Fresh Chives (Chopped finely)
~2 Sprigs-Fresh Dill (Chopped finely)
~1 & 1/2 Tblsp.-Lemon Juice
~1 Tsp.-Celery Seed
~1 Tsp.-Peppercorns (Cracked)
~Sea or Seasoned Salt (To Cook's taste--Optional)

~1 Tblsp.-Bacon Bits (a nice "option" as well!)

~~~In a medium, mixing bowl, SIMPLY...BLEND TOGETHER ALL, LISTED INGREDIENTS, STIR, and...
SERVE betwixed miniature, party bread(s) of Cook's choice!

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