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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Altie's Old Fashioned Potato Salad

Altie's Old Fashioned Sweet Tasting Potato Salad With Dressing for Waldorf Salad & Deviled Eggs, Too!
From Susie
This is my mother's potato salad recipe.  Most folks put mustard in their potato salad. I don't like mustard which is why this is my favorite. Many others have "converted" to this version, after trying it!  I use the dressing for Deviled Eggs and Waldorf Salad.

Altie's Old Fashioned Sweet Tasting Potato Salad

6 - 8  medium sized potatoes, peeled & boiled
5 - 6  hard boiled eggs
1 medium onion, chopped
1/2 tsp garlic powder, opt.
1 tsp parsley flakes, opt
 Salt & pepper to taste
 Sweet Homemade Mayonnaise Dressing:  Make up while your potatoes & eggs are boiling.

Sweet Homemade Mayonnaise Dressing:
1 cup Mayonnaise (Don't use "salad dressing" - such as Miracle Whip!)
1/2 cup Sugar (I've started subt. with the "Splenda for Baking," that's 50% sugar.  You only use 1/4 cup. Regular Splenda would probably work just as well, too.)
 1/4 cup leftover sweet pickle juice (when you use up the pickles always save the juice, in the jar, for this recipe! There was always a jar of leftover pickle juice in the  back  of our frig, when I was growing up.) [Editor note: for Susie's pickle juice see Fire and Ice Sweet Pickle Recipe.]
Blend all dressing ingredients together with wire whisk till thick & smooth. Store in a covered container in the frig. I sometimes make up extra to have on hand for the other recipes it's used in.
Boil the potatoes & drain well. Hard boil the eggs, peel & chop. While still warm, chop the potatoes in a large bowl. Add the eggs, onion, seasonings & parsley & stir together. Mix all ingredients with enough of the Homemade Mayonnaise to make it very moist, since the warm potatoes will absorb it quickly. Add more if necessary.
Being warm the potatoes will break up as you mix them with the mayonnaise, becoming "mashed" potato salad. That's the way it's supposed to look! Refrigerate several hrs before serving allowing the flavors to blend. Serves 8-10

Use this Homemade Mayonnaise mixed with the yolks for great Deviled Eggs!

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